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Sustainability + Responsibility

At Bristol General Store, we try our best to make educated and conscious choices about every aspect of our business which includes our packaging. 

In-store packaging:

We use blank kraft recycled paper bags so that our branding does not shorten the lifecycle of a bag that can be used again and again for gifts or other purposes. However, our customers often do not need carrier bags as they either have a bag on them or can carry their purchase.

Online packaging:

We save and reuse all of the packaging from deliveries we can and we also work with local businesses in our community to share packaging from deliveries that can be reused. To date we have never purchased bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or packing paper.

After testing a few different eCom packaging and mailer options including compostable plant-based plastics and kraft recycled paper mailers we have landed on using the packaging below...

Standard Mailers:
  • Better Packaging's (BCorp) POLLAST!C poly mailers that are made from 100% ocean bound plastic and can be recycled with your other soft plastics (type 4). These mailer bags are waterproof and durable, they can be used again and again with tape before recycling. 
  • End of Use: find a local soft plastic recycling point HERE.
    Padded Mailers:
    • Kraft recycled paper padded mailers. 
    • End of Use: can be recycled with domestic cardboard.
    • Kraft recycled corrugated cardboard postal boxes.
    • End of Use: can be recycled with domestic cardboard.